Edible Houston Wins National Award

By Francine Spiering | June 28, 2016
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edible Houston wins Eddy Award for Best Recipe
Edible Houston wins Eddy Award for Best Recipe Critics' Choice


Ever since Edible Houston came to town a year ago, local farmers, market vendors, producers and artisans have expressed outspoken joy that they can share their story, one issue of Edible Houston at a time.

In its first year alone, Edible Houston told about a hundred stories, big and small, that give readers an understanding of how soil, seeds, green spaces, pollinators, farmers, producers, chefs, markets, education and community support collectively work to increase our opportunity to buy good, healthy locally grown and produced food and drink in Houston. It paints a picture of a local food community that is both inspiring and reassuring, and makes you want to be a part of that. 

In a world where “local” has become a buzz word, Edible Houston stays true to what local really is, simply by introducing to our readers the growers and producers in the greater Houston area and share their story: the dairy goat farmer going through the kidding season; the heritage breed poultry farmer raising his birds the right way; the lab scientist and beekeepers working hard to sustain bee colonies in our urban area; the farmers markets that open rain or shine every week; the outdoor classrooms and school farms that help future generations learn about where their food comes from; the seasons that we forgot about and the fruits and veggies that grow right under our noses; local chefs showing us how to use those kitchen scraps and reduce waste.

Edible Houston maps it all out for us in a colorful landscape of local food and drink, and embraces conservation topics as an essential part of that landscape as well as the culinary traditions that make Houston one of the most diverse cities in the US.

Publisher Kim Korth has only just begun. After the hurdle of the first year building support and growing an Edible community, she is consolidating Edible Houston as the go-to for everyone who wants to know who grows their local food, what is in season and get culinary ideas for what to do with it—with an understanding that Houston’s natural world is an intrinsic element in the cycle of local food that we need to appreciate and protect. 

With the philosophy “if our farmers can grow it, we can go and buy it” she is building Edible Houston as a source that brings grower and consumer together. That includes a full website with related stories, seasonal recipes and information like the detailed list and map of area farmers markets and an event page for pop-ups, farm events, fundraisers on the website. For the growing Edible community she organizes events where members meet local producers to learn more in a cooking session, taste workshop or tour. Once a year, she organizes the Local Hero Awards, where the public gets to choose their Local Hero in more than 10 categories, including farmer, farmers market, market vendor, drink artisan and food artisan.

On June 1, Edible Houston was nominated as finalist in three categories for a national Eddy (Edible Feast) Award: Best Sustainable or Environmental Story for Bounty of the Bay by Susan L. Ebert, Best Cover for the goose illustration by Audrye Williams and Best Recipe for the Tamales recipe in A Family Tradition of Tamalades by Jenna K. White.

When Edible Houston celebrates, local food celebrates. 

Edible Houston won two Eddy Awards: both Critics Choice and Readers Choice for Best Recipe!

Edible Feast is the national platform of over 85 Edible Communities and their publications. In Texas, Edible Communities are: Edible Austin, Edible Dallas & Fort Worth, Edible San Antonio and since 2015: Edible Houston.

Article from Edible Houston at http://ediblehouston.ediblecommunities.com/about-us/edible-houston-wins-national-award
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