Theoni Natural Artesian Water

August 03, 2016
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It’s honest, pure and simple.

As summer temps peak, hydration becomes vital for beating the heat. And while knowing the origins of our food helps us make mindful decisions about what we eat, rarely is the same consideration given to the water we drink. Theoni Natural Artesian Water hopes to change that.

Since 2013 when it was first produced and distributed throughout Europe, Theoni has earned recognition as the “Best Bottled Water in the World”. Imported from the Agrafa Mountains in central Greece, the same pure spring water that has nourished life in the villages below for centuries is now available for delivery to your front door.

The high alkaline water is perfectly filtered by the rocks of the mountain region to a pH 8.1, which produces Theoni’s signature clean, crisp taste. Natural electrolytes and low sodium levels contribute to the health benefits of drinking spring water born of such a pure source, from promoting healthy skin and body weight to proper digestion and natural detoxification.

Theoni is completely free of toxic heavy metals and radiation, boasts just the right levels of potassium and calcium and a low concentration in chlorides reveals that the spring’s 3,600-foot altitude is never penetrated by sea waters, fertilizers, wastewater or industrial waste. It also signifies the lack of human activity or pollution anywhere near the spring, making it one of the purest and most suitable waters for human consumption. It’s what makes Theoni the best natural water, and through sustainable sourcing and careful processing, they plan to keep it that way.

Based in Houston, Theoni Water USA currently offers online ordering for home and office water delivery. The company’s dedication to good stewardship of the environment has led Theoni to provide a unique service for its Houston area customers, offered by none of its competitors: free pickup of used bottles.

Through this recycling program and in partnership with customers, Theoni in the future hopes to give its 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottles new life as a medical aid to assist individuals suffering from arthritis.

In other words, Theoni offers far more than a pleasing way to quench your thirst. It’s honest water, pure and simple.



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