Growing up Houston

Growing up Houston

June 04, 2015
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Attention High School Students

In this recurring column high school students will do our work! The column will be 100% written by high school students in the community who have something to share!

Are you a poet? Short story writer? Tell a story with pictures? Wax poetic about your favorite meal or ingredient? Love your local farm or farmer or a local product? Share it with your Edible Houston community.

We can’t wait to see what you have to share! Submit your entry in 250 words or less (up to 3 photos for a collage) and we will publish our favorites. To be considered for our July/Aug issue, submit your entry by May 15, 2015 to

The students selected for this issue are Noah Davis and Victoria Flores both from Reagan High School. Congrats!

Hold Me

By Noah Davis

An array of biracial selections fastened to a slope under the clear, glass counter. A woman, tall, Korean, stood smiling, caressing the register in excitement. The donuts, the danishes all calling my name, but one is heard above them all. Her sweet, succulent voice squeezing at my stomach and soul. My lust for her, to hold her in place, to taste the goddess that chose me is all I feel. I am hers. I am bound and she awaits her journey into my life. “One large sausage & cheese kolaches please,” I say. A calm nod and a minute later, my goddess is wrapped like expensive jewelry, shining and seen by all. The only difference is her price.


by Victoria Flores

The vast amount of colors were beautiful Everywhere I walked I saw different hues of the various fruits and vegetables Each with their own story to tell All cleaned up they looked delicious almost too good to be real Cultivated from mother earth herself by the people who knew the land the best There they were laying awaiting my hands to touch them and put them into my bag to purchase They awaited to be made into a salad or a nutritious smoothie Made to enter my body and give my day that extra little something And the people who owned them even nicer They greeted me with warm smiles and a mouth full of information on where this produce came from, Not only did I come in contact with food but with people who knew nothing but getting dirty to make Something truly beautiful.

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